How fab is this neon green leather mini skirt?!  I ran into this babe at T.J.Maxx and couldn’t resist, she was calling my name (kinda like those Pier 1 commercials if you know what I mean).  I immediately thought about all of the fun things we would do together and knew we would become best friends.  I love feeling a bit more edgy from time to time and this look definitely made me feel that way.  Wearing a flowy crop top and a black faux leather moto jacket seemed to be the best way to style this gorgeous skirt first but I also plan to pair the skirt with tights, sweaters, boots, etc for the colder months to come.  Of course come summer, I have a totally different vision for her!  So needless to say, you will be seeing much more of this skirt!  
Oh and these earrings and shoes…swooning over both!  The earrings are from SoCal Gems and the shoes are Rock & Republic for Kohl’s.  These earrings are so gorgeous and I find myself picking them up often to wear with a variety of things!  I came across these shoes while shopping around at Kohl’s and couldn’t pass them up as they were only $19.99…what a bargain!!!
p.s don’t forget to let your outer beauty be an accessory to your inner sparkle!